Riddu Riđđu relies on its wonderful volunteers to organize the festival every summer in idyllic Manndalen/Kåfjord, and this year is no exception! 

Volunteers are critical to the success of the festival and work closely with the staff and participants. Being a volunteer at Riddu Riđđu gives you a unique opportunity to experience the festival from the inside.

Read more about volunteering in the menus on the top of this page.

NB! This summer's festival may be affected by Covid-19. We work continuously to develop clear and concrete guidelines for safeguarding infection control in the best possible way. We make applicants aware that the selection process may be affected by the festival's guidelines for infection control.

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Riddu Riđđu Festivála, Center for Northern people, NO-9144 Samuelsberg, Norway


+ 47 971 39493



Booking requests: booking@riddu.no*All program/booking inquiries to Riddu Riđđu 2021 should contain LIVE-videos and information regarding indigenous perspectives.


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