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We are so happy that you want to join us and help us create the Riddu Riđđu festival, and we look forward to having you on our team in Olmmáivággi! There are two different ways you can get involved in Riddu Riđđu. One option is to register as veahkki / volunteer, and the other is to become bargi / staff. Read more about the differences further down the page.

Veahkki: For those who want to help create the world's most important festival, who want clearly defined tasks and work up to 16 hours.

Bargi: For those who want to influence Riddu Riđđu all year round, who want to lead others or solve tasks independently and want to work at least 25 hours.


  • You are with us during the festival 
  • You work 16 hours in total
  • You get clearly defined tasks and training
  • You get food when you are at work
  • You get a volunteer t-shirt and festival pass
  • Free accomodation at festival camp, as well as free showers
  • Age limit 16 years    


  • You are with us all year round
  • You work 25 hours or more during the festival
  • You have greater responsibility than veahkki and might also be responsible for solving tasks independently or coaching others
  • You get food when you are at work
  • You get a bargi T-shirt and festival pass
  • You get to participate in events throughout the year
  • You get to be involved and influence Riddu Riđđu as the owner of the festival
  • Free accommodation at festival camp or classroom at local school
  • Age limit 18 years  

What work can I do as veahkki or bargi?

Learn more about the different volunteer areas here


Questions? Contact us at / phone: +47 971 39 493.


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Riddu Riđđu Festivála, Center for Northern people, NO-9144 Samuelsberg, Norway


+ 47 971 39493


Booking requests:*All program/booking inquiries to Riddu Riđđu 2023 should contain LIVE-videos and information regarding indigenous perspectives.


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