Artist Manne will play at the Sámi National Day in Gáivuotna

February 6th marks the Sámi National Day and Riddu Riđđu invites you to a family concert with the popular artist Manne. The event is held in collaboration with Center for Northern Peoples as part of a larger celebratory programme in Olmmáivággi, with events suitable for people of all ages.

Manne is the solo project of composer and producer Herman Rundberg from Gáivuotna. The Sea Sámi identity has always been a natural part of Herman's artistic work. With Manne, he takes a deep dive into his own background where melodies inspired by traditional joik and Sea Sámi hymns are combined with a modern musical landscape.

Festival director Sajje Solbakk is sure that the concert will hit home with the locals:

- This summer, Manne had his premiere at Riddu Riđđu and impressively managed to both move the audience to tears and make them dance - in one and the same concert. This will be the ultimate celebration of the Sámi people's national day in Gáivuotna, and we are looking forward to being in the audience!

The concert takes place at the Center for Northern Peoples, February 6th , at 6 pm.

The café at the Center for Northern People is open from 15.00, and offers sale of dinner and cake.

Entry is free and open to all.