Buryatian and mongolian ambient-pop to grace the Riddu Riđđu stage

We are absolutely delighted to wish Namgar a warm welcome back to Olmmáivággi! 

Ever since their 2003 Debut, Namgar has captivated the minds of audiences worldwide with traditional buryat and mongolian music mixed with equal parts of pop, jazz and ambient-inspired soundscapes. 

Namgar shares an obvious kinship with bands such as Bel Canto and Dead Can Dance,but they are nevertheless firmly grounded in their very own sound.

Singer Namgar Lhasaranova displays an almost otherworldly quality to her voice, effortlessly gliding between different genres from one beat to another. In addition, she is backed by a tight and well-oiled machine of band, who most recently demonstrated their chops on 2021’s Nayaan Navaa release. The stage is set for a very special festival experience at Riddu Riđđu. 

Riddu Riđđu has had the pleasure of hosting Namgar on several occasions, and in a number of different constellations. This year’s concert will be the first chance the Riddu audience has had to experience Namgar performing with a full band ever since the comissioned concert Nordic Namgar in 2013. 

“We’ve wanted to invite Namgar back to Riddu Riđđu for a number of years, but for different reasons it has been difficult to get it done. That we are finally able to do it this year makes us incredibly happy. The Riddu audience really has something to look forward to here”, festival director Sajje Solbakk comments.