This year´s festival poster is made by Máret Ánne Sara

This year's festival poster for Riddu Riđđu was created by Sami artist Máret Ánne Sara. The layout of the poster is by illustrator Kine Kjær, who also created the festival poster for Riddu Riđđu back in 2022. 

Máret Ánne Sara (b.1983) is an artist and writer. She is from a reindeer herding family in the Sami village of Guovdageaidnu in Finnmark. Sara has made posters, CD/LP covers, stage visuals and fabric designs for a number of Sami artists, designers and institutions. She is also the initiator, founder and artistic director of Dáiddadállu Artist Collective. In 2022, Sara was one of three Sami artists who transformed the Nordic pavilion into the Sami pavilion at the Venice Biennale. 

Festival director Sajje Solbakk is proud that well-known Sami artists want to leave their mark on Riddu Riđđu by creating the festival poster: 

- Máret Ánne Sara is one of our leading Sami artists right now. That she agreed to make this year's festival poster was a big moment for us at the Riddu office, she says. 

Máret Ánne Sara's art is known for highlighting political and socio-political issues affecting the Sami and other Indigenous people, with a particular focus on reindeer husbandry communities. In this year's Riddu poster, we can see several political undertones. Solbakk is happy about that:  

- Sara is certainly not fearless when it comes to her art. This year's festival poster sets the agenda for one of Sápmi's biggest challenges right now, namely the industrialization of our traditional land areas, she says.

The poster is made with a heart in the middle of the motif, with several šiellas/sami silver protecting the heart itself. 

We can't say anything other than that we are extremely proud of this year´s poster, says Solbakk.