Club Lávvu: DJ K.O


NB! The concert starts at 01:00.

Prepare to end Riddu Riđđu with a proper bang when DJ K.O sets the baldalavvu on fire with her powerful blend of techno, trance, UK Garage and girly/cunty pop! 

DJ K.O (Lena Kolpus) had her debut in 2023. Since then, Lena has played at forest parties, local clubs and festivals. Her DJ career is an arena to cultivate her interest in music, and she sees every set she performs as an artwork ment to convey a mood and an energy to the audience. 

At Riddu Riđđu DJ K.O is most looking forward to playing music produced by artists from Sápmi, as well as debuting some of her self-produced remixes. You don't want to miss out on this one! 


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