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Emil Kárlsen confirmed for Riddu Riđđu festivála 2024

Just a few days ago, musician and actor Emil Kárlsen played concerts to full houses in Reykjavik during the renowned…

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Small storm on the coast of Iceland

If you are in Iceland 1.-4. November, you can experience Sámi pop, traditional joik, and electronic music at the…

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Sápmi legend Mari Boine booked for Riddu Riđđu 2024

Two months ago, visitors from all over the world came to Kåfjord municipality in Nord-Troms to take part in Europe's…

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Mihkkal Hætta has moved into Eidsvolls plass

Today we mark that it has been 700 days since the Supreme Court ruled that the concessions for windmills at Fosen were…

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Buošši Award winners are Ruth and Per Larsen

For the second year in a row, the Buošši prize was awarded during the opening of Riddu Riđđu Festival. This year it was…

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Riddu Riđđu hires new producer

Erle Bårdsdatter Sæther will be the new producer at Riddu Riđđu!- Like coming home, says the 28-year-old.Erle…

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Riddu Riđđu launches new concept: Lávvosáhka – to get even closer

If you have taken a look at Riddu Riđđu's program for 2023, you may have noticed something new: namely the conversation…

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Joins forces to create a sustainable festival

Vårt Hav Troms og Finnmark/Naturvernforbundet in Troms og Finnmark with support from the Center against Marine Litter…

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“Films from the North” at Riddu Riđđu

Riddu Riđđu festivála's Indigenous film program marks its 20th anniversary this year. The Urfilm program has a…

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Ukrainian electro-folk set for Riddu Riđđu

The band's male members have received permission from the Ukrainian government to go on an international tour, and now…

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Collaborates with leading artist on festival poster

This year's festival poster for Riddu Riđđu is created by Sámi artist Anders Sunna. Festival director Sajje Solbakk is…

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Fan favorites ready for this year's Riddu Riđđu

Europe's largest indigenous festival, which will be held this summer for the 32nd time in Olmmáivággi, spares no…

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Luohti, Telecaster and a mysterious lyrical world on Riddu Riđđu

He has played for Queen Sonja of Norway during the opening of the Sámi pavilion at the Venice Biennale last year, and…

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Chilean hip-hop icon to play Riddu Riđđu

Chilean Ana Tijoux is a fearless and not least politically engaged Indigenous rapper. She has been named the best…

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Riddu Riđđu's young artist of the year brings arthouse film to Sápmi

The young artist of the year 2023 is filmmaker Mihkkal Hætta, 22, from Kautokeino. He cites David Lynch and Ingmar…

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